Inflight Entertainment for VIP aircraft cabins

Inflight Entertainment

Imagine the comfort of watching your favourite Blu-ray in crystal-clear full HD resolution LCDs, which are available in a variety of sizes or being able to select On Demand from your media library* which can include the latest cinema releases, music and games at your suite. Browse the Internet and send e-mails via a broadband connection, use your own mobile phone to make business calls and select from a wide range of TV channels that are available throughout the flight. Communication and entertainment features that you are used to at home and in the office are now available on-board with the IDAIR system.

All controls for the inflight entertainment system are only a fingertip away, whether you want to use your own iPad®, iPhone® or one of our intuitive and high-end touch panels, switches or handsets. Our customisable and simple Graphical User Interface provides all controls of the system available at the locations of your choice.

The experience of being at your private movie theatre is further enhanced by our surround-sound audio system that transforms the side-wall and overhead panels into speakers. IDAIR’s Trim Panel Speaker technology features a low-weight solution that comes with an advanced and uniform sound distribution throughout the cabin combined with a wider frequency response than traditional loudspeaker systems.

IDAIR also offers an advanced true 3D moving map system to the market using real satellite imagery, which is highly customisable to fit your needs. The system features a selection of stunning 2D and 3D views, chase-plane views, information pages and banners that depict your aircraft location, display your flight route and show you the most exciting points of interest nearby.

* Subject to applicable licensing

Key Features

  • Fully digital In-Flight Entertainment
  • Studio approved digital rights management
  • Ethernet distribution
  • Audio/Video on demand
  • Scalable
  • Customizable & interactive controls
  • High Definition displays
  • Highly configurable with a multitude of options