Not only is IDAIR turning your aircraft into a comfortable on-board automated home environment; it is also making the dream of the office-in-the-sky a reality. IDAIR enables your aircraft to become a better productivity tool and a place to stay in touch.

Stay connected to business partners, family and friends around the world through broadband satellite connectivity. Use the Wi-Fi access to surf the Internet and to communicate via e-mail and chat. Bring your own laptop/tablet on-board and take care of your business just as you are used to, only at high altitude.

Stay in touch via your mobile devices and keep yourself informed about global news, events, sports and entertainment in the air with our uninterrupted satellite TV solution. 

With IDAIR’s Communications solutions you can organise business and leisure by experiencing a new level of airborne connectivity at ultra high-speed on a global scale.

Key Features

  • Satellite Broadband Internet 

  • Wi-Fi access

  • Wireless & Wired Ethernet

  • Passenger Device Integration

  • ipTV

  • Near Global Coverage

  • Mobile Telephony 

  • VPN Support